We find partners for you to help finance your business transactions.

  • Are you having a problem finding funds for your strategic business plans or projects fast enough?
  • Is the bank taking forever to get you an answer on your loan or financing request?
  • Do you need more funds than the bank is willing to finance?
  • Are you an early stage company that needs connections to private investors?
  • Do you have merger or acquisition opportunities?

Commodore Corporate, LLC specializes in identifying a client’s particular needs to provide funding for business transactions and growth. We locate and secure the necessary sources to meet funding needs so our clients can pursue long term growth objectives.

We are a low overhead operation with access to contacts in various financial markets, equity, debt, hybrid vehicles, mezzanine, leasing, sale/lease back, asset based loans and more. We match our client’s need to the right type of funding.

We partner with you to provide financial and strategic relationship services to promote long term growth whether you need short or long term funding for commercial transactions such as:

  • Acquisition financing and business mergers
  • Bridge Loans and Hard Money Loans
  • Contract Financing Programs
  • Capital equipment financing
  • Joint venture and private equity financing.

AND YES! We also partner with private investors looking for deals and opportunities.

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“The Finder”

Put 30+ years of finding funds for business reasons to work for you!

With national and international experience, Bob knows business. Since the mid-1980’s, he has provided the connections and options for commercial financing of multi-million dollar business transactions. Along with great instincts for identifying opportunities, he is a highly skilled networker and negotiator. His long career spans across many industries including real estate, telecommunication, manufacturing, construction, transportation, healthcare and oil refinery.

Bob’s reputation as “The Finder” is built upon years of successfully finding non-bank financing sources for his clients and then providing due diligence activities to secure, organize, coordinate and execute business transactions.

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Call Bob Farris at 864-616-0117 and tell him your financing needs and the business reason. In just 20 minutes, he’ll be able to tell you funding options that may be available to help you.

Feel free to send him an email at rfarrisjr@commodorecorporate.com or request a 20 minute conversation by completing this simple form:

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